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BICC Systems designs, develops, markets, and supports a user-friendly family of modules for use by small, medium, and large Employee Benefit Processing organizations. Our application modules, with insightful design features, provide for reduced training requirements along with extensive data management and processing capabilities. BICC's core application modules include Client Services Management; Remittance/Contribution Processing; Eligibility/COBRA Processing; Health Claims Processing; Defined Benefit Pension, 401K, 403B Processing; and Defined Contribution Annuity Processing, Beyond our core application modules, many special modules are available.

Integrated Client Management, Benefit Processing, and Decision Support
Intensify efficiency with BICC's Year 2000 Compliant suite of application software modules.

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BICC Customers
Our systems are used throughout the United States and in Canada by Taft-Hartley Trusts, Third Party Administrators (TPAs), Private Corporations, and International Religious Organizations.

BICC Systems Inc. offers a broad range of software solutions for administering employee benefits, such as user friendly claims processing software, pension and annuity systems.

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